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As a modern-day writer, I write code for the Frontend Development of web applications. Trying to do this in the best possible ways, with the latest (and not only) technologies around in the industry, is what defines my work and my time invested in it.

Javascript along with VueJS define the base implementation and structure of these web applications.

HTML and (S)CSS is what I use to bring to life attractive User Interface design and clean, practical User Experience for every user interacting with different devices in the online world of the browsers.
Node.js and Express.js framework also come into the at-times cross-functional game for the SSR of applications like this one.

My name is Kristjan and I am a Frontend Developer.

VueJs Javascript Node.js
Frontend Developer (PT)
June 2018 - December 2018
Sellwerk - Schwann Verlag KG
Javascript Engineer
January 2019 - March 2020
real,- Digital Payment & Technology GmbH
Frontend Developer
June 2020 - today
Eurowings Digital GmbH